Radio One, Inc is a fully licensed and insured two-way radio business located in Norcross, Georgia. Radio One began operations in 1997 with the intent to provide truly affordable and complete communications solutions to businesses of all sizes in the North Georgia area. Founded by longtime 2-way radio experts Steve Keller, Dave Keller Jr., Dave Keller, Sr., and Dennis Wolcott, the company has seen consistent growth in sales, service, and customers.

The experience of the management team is matched only by the talents of a terrific office staff and a well-trained, professional technical department.


The Radio One paradigm is simple: our business is all about the customer and their satisfaction. The Radio One sales force is knowledgeable in all aspects of the 2-way radio world. The Radio One sales team knows that the most expensive solution is not always the best solution for every business. We pride ourselves on offering you, the customer, the best solution for your situation. The Radio One service department is second to none in Atlanta. All of our technicians are well-trained, certified radio experts.

Knowledgeable in all aspects of radio repair, we do 90% of all service work in our shop. This saves the customer from waiting for radios’ that have to be shipped off to manufacturers sites for repair. The Radio One service department keeps thousands of parts in stock so that, most of the time, the wait for a repair order is minimum. And the “face” of Radio One? Our office staff is friendly, courteous and here to help. They know that customer satisfaction is rule number one.

Commercial Radio

North Georgia Network

P25 – Public Safety

Radio Rentals

Improve Cellular Coverage

Dispatch Consoles

Tower Site Leasing

Data-Radio Software

Wireless Broadband

Radio Repair & Installation

Radio One continues to grow each and every year. This is due to the fact that the Radio One business model works. Existing customers know they can trust us to keep their communications systems running in peak form, that we never overprice on products and that our service team is always ready to handle any emergencies that may arise. New Radio One customers learn that we are here for them, to answer their questions, to provide high-quality products along with superior customer support. The customers of Radio One know that we are here to ensure their business communications solution is something with which they do not have to worry. We make sure that it works.

Radio One is an authorized dealer of Kenwood, EF Johnson, Hytera, Icom, Tait, Zetron, Bosch-Telex and more. Radio One deals with these products on a daily basis. Our sales force knows the pros and cons of these products and what will work best for your communications needs. Radio One is the wireless volume leader in North Georgia and this allows us to offer these products at very affordable prices. If service is ever required, our technicians know these products inside and out. High quality, truly affordable products. Friendly customer service. Knowledgeable and caring sales team. Top-tier service monitors and test equipment. Well-trained, certified technicians. Radio One has it all.

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